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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 (Remembering 1111 Brickell Avenue)

Anyone with even a passing interest in numerology is talking about this date (1-11-11). The internet is abuzz with theories about prophecies, new cycles of light, and spiritual awakenings.

I don't have a clue what it all means, but seeing all those 11's reminds me of a now-demolished, funky round building at 1111 Brickell Avenue in Miami. An office building behemoth now stands in the spot where we used to produce newscasts, The White Baron, To The Point!, Frankly Speaking, Duck Duck Goose, and so many other shows. The bankers and brokers that now occupy that building probably have no clue that at one time, it was our home away from home.

WCIX was a numerologist's dream in those days. Not only was our address 1111, but our phone number ended in 666! I got my start in television there, and many others did, too. A round building with a cement pond in the middle isn't exactly the ideal design for a TV station, but somehow we all made it work.

Most of us were anxious to move to a more functional location. When we made our exit to Doral in September 1985, I for one was thrilled. I remember saying I wanted to look forward, not back. I felt nothing when Cuyahoga Wrecking came in and demolished the rotunda blunda. Good riddance! I didn't think I would miss it one bit. Looks like I was wrong again.

I don't know much about new cycles of light or whatever. All I know is the number 1111 will always be significant to me. Maybe we should all meet on Brickell at 11:11, when 11/11/11 rolls around later this year. If only we could find a spot with an old cement pond...


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