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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So This Is New Years...

(Push the button on the lower left to play the video)

There were dozens of people who made The Ten O’Clock News happen, but on most nights, only the producer and director received on-air credit. Once a week, we would remedy that situation with a credit roll, listing each and every person who worked on the newscast that week (plus the “regulars” who were on vacation).

What you see here is an interesting variation on the credit roll. On December 31, 1981, we sent cameraman George Buigas around the building to shoot film of all the behind-the-scenes folks who were stuck working on New Year’s Eve. We then edited the film, did some preproduction (supers, but not music) and bumped it to tape. The audio track ran live (off of a "cart") and unfortunately sounds sour, but that’s the way it aired, so that’s the way it’s being preserved.

A few interesting points about this credit roll:

1. Note the blackboard behind producer Arlene Ross. In those days the producer put the rundown of the show on a board, and it was everybody’s job to copy down the information.
2. Even Guy Thompson, the custodian, received credit that night. I’m sure it was the only time he was publicly acknowledged.
3. Several of the people in this credit roll are no longer with us, including Bob Hammerly, Ed Rehm, and Jerry Fisher. (Fisher was not acknowledged by name, since she was working as a reporter that night, and had an on-screen presence during the newscast. She can be sitting at her desk, behind Guy Thompson.)
4. The on-air team that night was Larry Klaas, John Loesing (sports), and Dave Corey (weather, substituting for Don Franklin). Corey was normally a booth announcer at the station.
5. It’s good to see Larry Wallenstein (Larry #3) in his role as assignment editor. He would exit in January 1984, only to return a few years later as news director.
6. Was that a space ship, or a news set? Beam me up!
7. I sure needed a haircut.

I hope you enjoyed viewing this rare artifact. Leave me some positive comments and bribes, and perhaps I can be persuaded to post some more clips from my Channel 6 archives. Send the bribes care of J. DeLaTorre (bad inside joke). Have a happy and safe 2009!


Jeffers66 said...

If you're having problems with the video buffering, you can also check this out on youtube:


Arlene Ross said...

Hi, Jeff! I love the Say 6 blog, especially the new year's eve credit roll from 1981-82. The only problem is that since Dan Roujansky wasn't directing that night, he wasn't there... neither was Bob Rossicone. Still, 1982 was a great year for us since Dan and I married in November. We were married for five years, divorced for five years, and have been remarried since 1992. We couldn't seem to stop dating, even after the divorce! The lousy part is that, after 31 years, Dan was laid off in the first round of cold-blooded CBS cuts. So we started our own video production company, SPOTLIGHT MEDIA GROUP, INC. We'd live to hear from you Say-Sixers, and wish everyone a safe and happy 2009.

Jeffers66 said...

Hi Arlene,
Great to hear from you again. I heard about the layoffs. I'm just glad that Dan landed on his feet, and is able to do his own thing now. There's a link for him (and his company) in the "Life After Channel 6" section. Thanks again for the comment, and keep on checking the blog!