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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Remembering Dave Game: A Man Of Insight

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The old Channel 6 was trying to compete in a rapidly-changing world, with hopelessly outdated technology. We were the last station in town to switch from film (which needed developing) to tape (instantaneous!) Some at the station were resistant to change, be it word processors replacing typewriters, or NewStar computers replacing the soon-outdated word processors.
Fortunately there were journalists who could see into the future, and wanted to help others do the same. Leading the way was Dave Game, who convinced us that there was a better way to keep track of our news tape archive than hand-typed index cards. So in came our first Macintosh computer -- a slow, bulky machine (this was the late '80s, after all), but a vast improvement over those silly cards. Welcome to the future, TV-6'ers.
Dave's love of computers would lead him to new frontiers, after WCIX morphed into WFOR. Up until his death on February 5, 2013, Dave was the Internet Operations Manager for the station. Before that he was one of the top reporters in town, a journalist who believed in getting a story right and expected others to do the same. TV news needs more Dave Games, now more than ever.
After learning of his death, I went through my archives to see what I could find. I stumbled upon an episode of Insight, the public affairs program that I produced for several years. For this particular show, Dave asked that I step out of the producer's chair, and be a guest on the program -- talking about my then newly-released book, Savage Lost: Florida Garage Bands of the '60s. We worked together on the taped inserts, and I booked our second guest for the show -- John Doyle, of the infamous Miami '60s garage band EVIL -- who, coincidentally, passed away just a week after Game. The show came together well, and for once I didn't cringe at seeing myself on camera. (There's a reason I worked behind the scenes all those years.) WCIX'ers will enjoy seeing the credits at the end, with some names you've probably forgotten. Thanks, Dave, for letting me be a part of this program -- and a part of your life. You were one of the good guys.

(Note: The program is in three segments, presented here in order)

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